Build your competitive advantage with digital offer

With our tailored solutions you will boost the value of your current offer. By adding digital products to your portfolio you will build your competitive advantage. Choose from our content creation tools to develop your own enhanced e-books and e-learning courses. Profit from our ready-made digital content and resources. Use our delivery platforms and proven monetisation solutions.

Digitise your existing portfolio or add digital products to your offer. The choice is yours. We are here to support you along with our knowledge of digital content creation, distribution and monetisation.

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Enjoy flexibility

Our solutions have been developed in accordance with processes that take place in the publishing industry. We are part of a global publishing group thus we know the context and operations in this area very well. We have built the digital offer to constitute an important component of your company’s publishing and technological processes – without interrupting any of them. Thanks to high flexibility of our products you are able to integrate our solutions with platforms and products already existing in your company. You receive ready-to-launch solutions which do not demand any additional investments in in-house development.

Profit from our global expertise

Over 25 years we have gained extensive international experience in the digitalisation of education. We have been operating in 45 countries, with numerous business entities. In cooperation with local partners we took part in several projects for education ministries in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Over the years we have built a team of experts, both in technology and education. Our specialists possess profound content-related knowledge and technological skills.

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